Roger Federer Is Here To Show You How To Nail Smart Autumn Style

Suave, Roger. Very suave.

Roger Federer, the 17-time Grand Slam champion and one of the most elegant men to ever grace a tennis court, has come out of nowhere to show you how to do smart autumn style right.

Taking to the streets of Paris for Fashion Week, the Swiss maestro showed a previously unseen aptitude for slick European style, proving that it's not just sportswear that he can wear with panache.

We do understand that the roll-neck is a polarising item for a lot of you, but as Federer proves, it can be an invaluable piece for elevating your tailoring during colder months. 

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Hover over the links below to see how Federer got it so right, as well as one small, avoidable pitfall that can make a big difference to your finished look.