Watch Sky News' Metaphorical Brexit Omelette Crash And (Literally) Burn

More fitting than they planned

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Brexit not only brings out the worst in everyone but the worst in metaphors too. In order to get their point cross, people across this land have tried to explain the situation with overwrought analogies using football teams and supermarkets.

But nothing quite fits because, after all, nothing is as wearily complicated as Brexit. Least of all an omelette, which was what Sky News used in an attempt to explain the complications

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They made up an omelette on TV using British eggs, French butter, Spanish cheese... you get the point. Sadly whilst making the omelette they negligibly overcooked it to within an inch of its life, leaving the sort of omelette you might encounter at 10:45am at a hotel breakfast buffet.

It was a charred mess that looked like it had been flayed to death. Hopefully not what the UK will resemble when the Brexit dust settles.

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Needless to say Twitter wasn't impressed.