Wine for the weekend – Penfolds Koonunga Hill Autumn Riesling 2008

Tempted though we were to try and connect this week’s recommendation to Sunday’s World Cup final (Riesling! It goes with Edam! Which comes from the Netherlands!), this wine really needs showcasing in its own gimmick-free right. Working from the outside in, we were initially rather taken with the Seventies packaging – the label, launched in 1972, has just been reinstated: a nice retro touch that harks back to the addition of white wines to the Penfolds stable.

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Inside the bottle, we were struck by the combination of lime and florals (think musky rose), but don’t be alarmed by the “old-lady-odour” image that might conjure — this is lively and fresh and crisp. It would be delicious with calamari, Asian food, and maybe even Gouda — Hup! Holland! Hup! (Sorry.) £9 at Waitrose