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1 | The Drink: Negroni Week Across London

When you need a good, solid drink, sometimes it just has to be a Negroni. Or just whenever you’re thirsty, if we’re being honest. And as luck would have it, Negronis aren’t just the order of the day, but of the whole week at the moment. To celebrate, you can find exciting twists on this classic drink all over London. Top of our list is the Princess Victoria in Shepherd’s Bush, who have aged their Negroni mix in an oak barrel for a week before using that same container to infuse some gin with extra Negroni flavour, which they then use to make a special Negroni Martini (see above).

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Elswhere, Duck & Waffle’s Richard Woods is making a truffled one, a coffee one and a pine needle-infused summer one, along with that Nutella version. The Lady Ottoline has six varations on the go, including some interesting uses for rhubarb. Peruvian favourite Pachamama is swapping gin for pisco, award-winning Happiness Forgets cocktail bar is going for rum. White Lyan uses homemade gin and tops with burnt zests. But for simple, unadulterated enjoyment, try Tony Conigliaro’s brew at Bar Termini, which is pre-blended and served from beautifully decorated, chilled bottles giving you that cool refreshment, and no wateriness to spoil it.

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1 – 7 June 
Princess Victoria, 217 Uxbridge Road, London, W12 9DH; princessvictoria.co.ukhttp://princessvictoria.co.uk

2 | The Foodie Pop-Up: Check On @ Cat and Mutton

Dalston’s Cat and Mutton pub (revamped last year) has been invaded by the exceedingly exciting pop-up duo Check On for the entirety of June. Terry Edwards cut his teeth at two Michelin-starred Le Gavroche and then with Mark Hix, and cooks up an absolute storm in the kitchen with his mate George Craig – a former Burberry model and singer. So, as you can probably guess, they’re really, painfully cool. Good job they know they’re grub as well then.

Dishes for this residency have been trialled over the past few weeks, and diners have voted on the best ones for the pop-up proper. They include black pudding with duck egg and brown sauce, duck breast with salt-baked carrots, turnips and apple crumble (dares you), and grilled Moyallon bacon chop with rhubarb sauce (double dares you). Finish it off with their signature desert of ‘eggs and soldiers,’ aka vanilla cream and mango, with sticks of shortbread (above).

76 Broadway Market, London, E8 4QJ; catandmutton.com; checkonpresents.co.uk

3 | The Inter-Galactic Adventure: Secret Nightclub

Everybody knows somebody who has been to Secret Cinema. It makes you kick yourself for not signing up quickly enough whenever they mention it. Which is a lot. Because Secret Cinema is awesome: ridiculously, crazily, blow your mind awesome. You are subjected to such immersive experiences, each based around a particular (and epic) film, that you basically forget which planet you’re on. These large-scale events, held in massive abandoned spaces are at times hilarious, at others terrifying, and always exhilarating.

This round is based on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and – for the first time – ticket holders will also be able to visit the RebelX Cantina Secret Nightclub at any point from now until this run’s end, in September. So sign up online and take clubbing to a whole new level. A galaxy far, far away in fact. And that’s all we can tell you because it’s so super secret…


4 | The Rooftop Indian: Carom @ Madison

If you haven’t been to Carom in Soho yet, then… you can’t. Soz. Not at the moment, anyway. The casualty of a fire that swept through Wardour Street a few weeks ago, it is closed until further notice. But don’t panic: you can sample this splendid Indian fare up on the Madison rooftop, where they have popped-up instead until the end of the month.

With views right onto the dome of St Paul’s, you can’t beat this place at sunset, so it’s a sure-fire hit for an after-work date. And now you can munch on poppadums while you’re at it. Carom’s food is richly flavoured and completely moreish – you’ll be ordering pretty much all of the small plates on this special menu, and most definitely the chicken lollipops. This is what summers are for.

Rooftop Terrace, 1 New Change, St Paul's, London, EC4M 9AF; madisonlondon.net


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