The Best Men's Suits For Under £500

Top class tailoring, with not a polyester lapel in sight

Suit shopping on a budget can be a demoralising endeavour. On one end of the spectrum you've got the fantasy pieces that were hand-crafted by a coterie of walnut-skinned Italian craftsmen inside some ancient, dusty mill deep in the mountains of Verona. At the other: high street fire hazards masquerading as tailoring.

But what about that sweet spot, a good suit that doesn't cost the earth but can still look the business? Here we've gathered together 10 of the best quality suits for around the £500 mark. Pair them properly, treat them well and - pro tip - take them to a tailors to adjust the fit, and you'll look good and feel great without having to sell your right arm.

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A new label by the omnipotent Scandi big wigs that rule H&M and COS. We're not certain what Arket is all about yet, but we do know that they make a dark brown suit that looks very good indeed. 

Wool Twill Blazer, £190; Slim Wool Twill Trousers, £79, both by Arket

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Hardy Amies

This is a blue suit by Hardy Amies that's made out of virgin wool. It comes in a nice slim fit and is finished with a subtle crosshatch pattern that everyone is going to love.

We guarantee it. 

Hardy Amies, Two-Piece Suit, £450,

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Ted Baker

As far as we're aware there isn't actually a Mr. Ted Baker, but if there was we'd say "Thanks, Ted. Thanks for making this excellent linen suit that makes us want to set up an offshore account in Panama." 

Debonair Linen Jacket, £325; Debonair Linen Trousers, £130, both by Ted Baker

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Hugo Boss

Made out of a light stretch cotton that's just the right weight, this midnight blue two-piece from Hugo Boss is the kind of versatile tailoring that be worn to formal dinners, job interviews or your girlfriend's second aunt's wedding where you don't know anyone and you keep fantasising about knocking the cake off the table. 

Hugo Boss, Blue Slim-Fit Stretch-Cotton Suit, £480,

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You might walk into COS and lay a finger onto the luxurious lapel of this wool/cashmere blazer and exclaim: "NO! This suit cannot possibly cost £175. I shan't hear it." But you should hear it. Because it does.

Wool Melange Blazer, £175; Wool Melange Trousers, £79, both by COS.

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PS by Paul Smith

A Paul Smith suit for £500? Yes, yes it is. Also, black isn't strictly reserved for funerals now, so you can wear it all the time. As well as to funerals. At least you'll be the best dressed there.

PS by Paul Smith, Formal Suit, £500,

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Pinstripes are HOT, double-breasted suits are HOT, put the two together and you get...a nice suit that's affordable and appropriate for a wide variety of occasions, including robbing banks and negotiating trade deals with the mafia in smoky New York bars. 

Reiss, Double-Breasted Pinstripe Suit, £450,

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Universal Works

On the more unconventional side of the list, which is fine. This lovely, loose, unstructured suit by proper British brand Universal Works probably won't cut it in a meeting with corporate, but if you're a freelance graphic designer or a painter or something, then it's absolutely perfect. 

Suit Jacket In Charcoal Flannel,£215; Aston Pant In Charcoal Flannel, £129, both by Universal Works

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Charlie Casely-Hayford X Topman

A piece from Topman's collaboration with very cool London tailor Charlie Casely-Hayford , this double-breasted 'Weekend Suit' comes in a relaxed fit with some nice speckles to finish the whole thing off.

Oh, and it's only £200. 

Charlie Casely-Hayford x Topman, Navy Fleck Relaxed Fit Weekend Suit, £200,

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Oliver Spencer

Ok, so the combined value of this suit actually adds up to £528, but put together the quality construction and timeless design that you can always expect from Oliver Spencer, and really this is the biggest bargain on the whole list.

Theobald Jacket, £349; Fishtail Trousers, £179, both by Oliver Spencer