2015's Most Important Grooming Moments

From the beardstache to the top knot to the truth about male vanity

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The death of the hipster beard, the birth of the Millibeard and, of course, David Beckham looking better than the rest of us: the more the grooming world changes, the more it remains the same.

Here, with the help of our friends at Covent Garden barbers Ruffians, we round up the major moments in male hairiness from the past twelve months.


1 | Sibling go pink

Not a look that exactly took off on the high street, but London fashion student nebertheless got the year off to a bright start when they 'went pink' at London Collections: Men.

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2 | DB gets (another) iconic cut

David Beckham’s H&M campaign set the year’s most popular hair trend in January, and you can see why. Softness and texture, with a sharp edge. It’s what we all wanted to achieve really (and here's how).

3 | Naughty kid getting a haircut like an old man goes viral 

In February the world met Russell Fredrick, a barber from Snellville, Georgia who devised a brutal way of keeping kids in his community out of trouble: threatening them with the “Benjamin Button Special”. A parenting masterstroke or just plain child abuse? We still can't make our minds up.

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4 | The top knot fight back

In February, a group of South African pranksters called Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues launched the 'Stop the Knot campaign', which in essence meant filming themselves sneaking around and cutting examples of the much-derided top knot from the heads of unsuspecting men in the street. If Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues weren't sporting equally annoying hipster facial hair themselves we'd have got behind the whole thing a lot more. The apology was pretty funny, though.

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5 | Jared Leto loses it 

After years sporting a long Russell Brand reportedly once described as "a bit hippie for my taste", rock-actor Jared Leto shocked his legions of female fans in March by losing the Jesus beard and flowing locks for a clean shaven, slicked-back look that went from peroxide blonde to green to red in the space of a few months. Perhaps he was just preparing for his next role as a traffic light.

6 | The Beardstache is born


The time has come.

A photo posted by Christopher Millington (@chrisjohnmillington) on

In the summer, model Chris Millington killed one awful grooming trend – the hipster beard – by launching another – the 'beardsache' – with this sultry-captioned Instagram post. Suddenly, young men in East London had a whole new way to convince themselves they're not boring 

7 | Ricki Hall says something daft

Speaking of bearded hipsters doing silly things, model Ricki Hall caused a mild stir the same month by telling the Telegraph he takes 'style tips from homeless people', a statement quickly latched upon by bored Twitter users wondering if that meant body odour and mental health problems also factored into the trend setter's latest looks.

8 | The Millibeard

2015 was the year that Ed Milliband died as a politician, but was reborn as a human being. No, he didn't become Prime Minister, but he did become the centre of 'Millifandom', a strange cultural movement that reached its epoch with this selfie snapped by two 'Millifans' who saw their hero sporting a holiday beard.

9 | Google confirm men care more about their hair than women

Perhaps the last nail in the coffin of the idea that men are less vain than our female counterparts, God Google confirmed that 'men's hair' is now searched for more frequently than women's. At least we can finally now admit it.


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