The 10 Best Smartwatches For Men

​The wearable tech that's as stylish as it is cutting-edge

Apple's was the second-biggest-selling watch after Rolex last year, and those figures are only going to continue northwards with September's arrival of Watch 2, complete with a host of new and improved features. But, as with the iPhone and iPad, Apple will reluctantly concede that it wasn't the first, nor does it remain peerless – there's a host of equally respectable smartwatches out there to suit all wallets and senses of style. Even some of Switzerland's grande dames of traditional watchmaking are getting in on the act, with their more luxurious takes on the "connected" watch. Yup, like it or not, the wearable is here to stay, so here's our pick.

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Apple Watch 2

A display that's twice as bright, extended battery life, water resistance to 50m and – crucially – GPS connectivity; the improvements to Apple's Watch can't be overstated, making this the ultimate fitness gadget, as well as the no-brainer wearable for iPhone users. We especially like the little details here, so typically thoughtful of Apple, such as the "Breathe" app, which encourages mini meditation breaks.


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Huawei Watch

One of the few (and certainly the first) tech brands to build its gadget like a watch, rather than a shrunk phone for your wrist, was Huawei. But beneath its sumptuous 1.4" AMOLED screen is some serious processing power, meaning you need never be paranoid about this particular Android.


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Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smartwatch

Designed in tribute to everyone's favourite font, this smartwatch does the best in remaining a "proper watch", thanks to its simple analogue display. But the clue lies in the subdial at six o'clock. This isn't a small seconds indicator or calendar, but a percentage representation of your activity or sleep goals, set via an app on your phone and sensed by a motion sensor inside.


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Sony SmartWatch 3

The price point on Sony's long-termer is the most alluring feature here, with a large screen (or should that be dial? We can't decide) and intuitive UI meaning it's super-smooth to use on the wrist. The basic model is a bit placky though, so we'd recommend spending an extra £55 on the steel casing and integrated bracelet – an instant sci-fi-style switch-up befitting its Android capabilities.


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Moto 360 Sport

Motorola's bid for the wearables market is confident to say the least – at least the height of a Razr clamphone (remember the Razr?) – with a 46mm diameter version for men that'll get as much attention as a Panerai. What's more the "build yours" option on the website offers a head-spinning mix and match, from the case to the bezel, strap and dial options.

from £238.99

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Pebble Time Steel

Pebble's Kickstarter whip-round was the most successful of its time, but you couldn't get around the fact it was designed like… well, "designed" would be too kind a word, to be brutally honest. Which all changes with the Steel – a handsome thing, with faint echoes of the Seventies about it. All the usual notifications from your phone, plus an enticing 10-day battery life despite its LED-backlit e-paper display always being on.


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Samsung Gear S3

As in the phone sector, Apple's main wristborn contender is Samsung – a worthy competitor that wins the prize for most elegant functionality, thanks to its notched bezel, whose twizzleability allows you to scroll quickly and precisely through apps, long messages, even the volume control.


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Vector Watch

The connoisseur's choice of smartwatch, this. Classical looks, finely polished steel case and deployment clasp, plus a battery life of 30 days, even with its sober, monochrome display always on. Most likely smartwatch to be spotted in the British Airways executive lounge.


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Breitling Exospace B55

Of all the "connected" luxury watches coming out of Switzerland , the most likely entry to this brave new world is, arguably, Breitling, which already makes its own cutting-edge quartz movements. The B55 Connected prototype is a brilliantly intuitive "instrument for the wrist" designed for pro' pilots, controlled via a "cockpit" app on your smart device.


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Hoptroff London No.9

What might seem like the red herring of our list really is a smartwatch, despite the 19th-century aesthetic. It's the brainchild of eccentric Bluetooth software pioneer Dr Richard Hoptroff, based in an ersatz lab' above the old Clink Prison in Southwark. This model directly appeals to the suits over the river, given its percentage share price indicator at 6 o'clock, controlled by your phone.