Here's What Street Style Looks Like In North Korea

Pyongyang Fashion Week... coming soon

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Think of North Korean style and, inevitably, images of Kim Jong-un's disconcertingly sharp fades and menacingly wide trousers, billowing in the Pyongyang breeze, crowd into your mind. But it turns out there's far more to the state of fashion in the hermit state than its great leader's odd affectations.

While you might expect North Koreans to be too busy navigating the minefield of day-to-day police state life to worry much about their clothes, it would appear that there is a distinct sense of personal style amongst many of the country's population.

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In a recent article on the New York Times, Carol Giacomo and photographer Ed Jones travelled to Pyongyang to report on what real people wore to work, on the weekend and in the capital's dimly-lit arcades.

Take a look below at a selection of the fascinating images.

All photos by Ed Jones / Getty