The collaboration - Nigel Cabourn v Eddie Bauer

With The Stone Roses and, to a much, much, much, much lesser degree, East 17 and other Nineties boy bands making comebacks, you'd be forgiven for thinking that there wasn't much left to, well, come back. You'd be wrong; there's Eddie Bauer. Sensibly, he hasn't returned alone, teaming up with Nigel Cabourn to create a small collection of clothing to reintroduce the Bauer name. The pick of the bunch is this down coat, which combines Cabourn's love for a clip fastening and all things tweed with Bauer's expertise in down coats. All we need now is for the Stone Roses to turn up to their reunion gig wearing Eddie Bauer for us to fully regress back to our teenage years. (£1200, Superdenim)

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