Get The Look - Plein Soleil

Okay, so you'll probably never look like Alain Delon. How about borrowing an outfit of his? It's a distant second but, surgery aside, the closest we'll ever get to gallic flair. While there's several movies we could turn to, the best choice is sometimes the most obvious, which means we've chosen Plein Soleil. With every man and their dog owning a pair of chinos and a chambray shirt at the moment, the question becomes 'how do I wear this without looking like everyone else?' The answer is to add something else to it. Ignoring the context of the scene in which Delon wore this outfit (we're sure you'd be best off not mentioning that you take style tips from people who murder others in a jealous rage and then steal their clothes) this is a perfect example.

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Remembering this is inspiration as opposed to copying outright, we'd recommend this Libertine blazer (Yoox, $730) teamed with this PS by Paul Smith striped tie (Mr Porter, £75). If you still haven't found the perfect chambray shirt then this one from Folk (Oi Polloi, £115) should be perfect for your Delon-chanelling needs.