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Corduroy Blazer

He may be unimaginably rich, but these days there's not too much Tom Cruise is doing right. However, in a rare non-misstep, we must admit we admire his choice of corduroy blazer.

Pictured recently in London, he wore a black corduroy blazer, navy crew neck jumper, black jeans and his trademark slightly uneasy smile. The standout item was the corduroy blazer, an item we could all use in our wardrobes.

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Corduroy blazers are still a thorny area. The geography teachers of the world have done little to help this item, which should be a wardrobe staple. Worn with a shirt and crew neck, it's a great smart casual item. So how do you bring it up to date?

The first thing is to work on the colour. Most geography jibes come from the fact that most corduroy blazers come in a rusty brown colour, which makes the wearer look like he's one step away from buying Werthers originals.

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You can avoid that with a navy blazer, which looks much sleeker than their brown counterparts. Here's three of the best we've found.



1 The Dressy Blazer

Looking closer to a velvet blazer than a corduroy one, This Richard James blazer (Mr Porter, £475) isn't worn by anyone with a geography masters. The lapels give it an evening jacket feel, so it's perfect date night attire if you want to look like the sort of man a woman wants on her arm (and who doesn't?).

(Mr Porter - £475)


2 The Daytime Blazer

More of a day blazer than the Richard James blazer, this is what you'd wear to work for a big meeting (Paul Smith, £335). Wear this with a dark grey jumper, white shirt and black jeans for a perfect smart casual look.

(Paul Smith - £335)


3 The Casual Blazer

Looking to dip your toe in the corduroy blazer waters but aren't readyfor a full leap? ASOS (£60) provide an affordable option. The three button style makes it more suited for the weekend, where it can be worn with just a plain shirt underneath and some indigo denim for a sharp look.

(ASOS - £60)

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