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The mystical kookstress that is Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife and Fever Ray lends some haunting vocals to "This Must Be It", the latest single from Röyksopp's fantastic recent album, Junior. But oh to have been a fly on the wall during the pitch for the video...

Filip and Andreas Nilsson

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: "So basically, guys, there's this old dude with glasses wearing underpants, socks and shoes sitting on a motorised drum kit driving down a leafy A-road toward a dilapidated caravan park inhabited by slobby men and women in brown rags and poorly applied fake tan who chop logs, jump off things, and smear mud on their caravan windows. Old Dude With Glasses arrives in the caravan park and is met with suspicion and a plate of fruit - another old dude (with a beard) fires a drumstick at him with a bow and arrow. Old Dude With Glasses catches drumstick and starts playing the drums. Segue into a big caveman disco."

Röyksopp [clients]: "You're hired!"

"This Must Be It" is out on 2 November. royksopp.com