The 40 Best-Dressed Men In The World*

*Who actually dress themselves

Best-dressed lists have a tendency of being predictable affairs.. The same chisel-jawed models and Hollywood actors are proffered up as arbiters of good taste, all because they wore what their personal stylists picked out for them on the way to the latest red carpet.

As much as we love them, this list is a little different. This is our homage to the men who are more than just handsome clothes horses - though handsome many of them indeed are (never hurts, does it?). Men who dress to their own beat. Men who are the picture of elegance, insouciance and – occasionally - courage, all embodying Orson Welles assertion that "style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn."

From designers to artists, entrepreneurs to business leaders, to - yes - one footballer (no, not that one), this is a list of the real best-dressed men in the world right now - and what we can all learn from them.

Edited by Teo van den Broeke. Words by Teo van den Broeke, Sam Parker, Charlie Teasdale and Emie James-Crook.

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1 Alessandro Squarzi, entrepreneur

The Italian fashion entrepreneur and street style icon is the real star of the Pitti Imaginaire 'Peacocks'. Where others preen and posture in their fussy, over-tailored outfits on the benches outside the Florence trade show, Squarzi is the master of understated Italian cool, but with a more American leaning (see his impressive arsenal of field jackets and military shirts). If you've ever wondered how to wear white trousers with ease, see Squarzi, and emulate.

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2 Alex Turner, musician

The Arctic Monkeys frontman is but a shadow (puppets; last of) of his former self, a million miles from the indie rock scruff that emerged back in 2006. As the command of his on-stage persona has developed, so too has his style, and it's admirable. Few men can pull off the full greaser look, and even fewer can maintain respect when whipping out a comb and seeing that all upstairs is in order, but he does it.

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3 Alexandre Mattuisi, fashion designer

Despite his success with almost-eponymous brand AMI, Mattuissi is clearly a man that doesn't take clothes too seriously, or at least not those he wears on his own back. Mirroring the aesthetic of AMI, we could describe his wardrobe as 'prep 2.0'. That is to say; oxford shirts, cardigans, simple knitwear, soft-shouldered overcoats, occasional loud trainers and inevitable beanie hats. As if a Silicon Valley tech kid took up residence in Montmartre for a year or two.

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4 Alasdhair Willis, brand director

As the former publisher of Wallpaper magazine, current creative director of Hunter and long-time husband of fashion designer Stella McCartney, it's hardly surprising that Alasdhair Willis has, over the years, developed an enviable signature style. His mane of salt and pepper hair and impressive beard aside, Willis's wardrobe of beautifully cut suits (the man knows how to go double breasted), slick roll necks and chic field jackets is an enviable one.

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5 Andrea Pirlo, footballer

Perhaps it's the flowing locks, perhaps it's annoyingly good hipster beard, perhaps it's the ability to pinpoint a pass with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker – whatever it is, it's hard to think of a more stylish footballer alive today than Milan and Juventus legend Andrea Pirlo. Like all members of his tribe the 37-year-old is often spotted in casual sportswear – something he manages to look far better than it should – but when he's not on duty, Pirlo's Italian heritage shows with impeccably tailored suits, generally worn with lightly disheveled shirts and casual boat shoes.

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6 Ben Cobb, editor

Hailed by The New York Times as 'wonderfully sleazy', Ben Cobb – the editor of biannual style title Another Man – is the embodiment of sexed up Seventies style. With a wardrobe chockablock full with wide lapel double-breasted jackets, jewel-toned flared trousers and open necked silk shirts with slick spread collars, Cobb has a look all his own – and it's not one you see very often. "Louche is the word most often used by people to describe my style." Says Cobb. "I suppose it is. My look is heavily rooted in the 1970s – unbuttoned shirts, jewelry, tailoring, flared trousers and always with a well-heeled boot. For me, that decade is still the chicest moment in masculine style."

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7 Benjamin Clementine, singer

From busking barefoot on the streets of Paris to brightening up the Burberry catwalk with his soulful voice, Mercury prize-winning musician, artist and poet Benjamin Clementine is a true Renaissance man with a unique style all his own. Having once said he would prefer to perform totally naked, Clementine often swaps shirts for a bare chest under a suit. In winter Clementine cuts a fine silhouette in long structured coats teamed with dark roll necks. The finished look treads an elegant line between sharpness and ease.

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8 Bill Nighy, actor

Once, talking to Mr. Porter, Bill Nighy described his perfect navy suit – the outfit that is very much his adopted uniform. "Very simple, lightweight, two-piece, two-button," he said. "And it'd be single vent, two buttons on the sleeve, not a particularly wide lapel, not particularly styled, not a waisted jacket. It would have a single pleat, relatively narrow trousers, which you'd wear reasonably short, so they hit the shoe correctly". Thus the actor summed up perfectly why he is Britain's best-dressed thespian: simple but precise, understated but elegant, and always, always fit for the occasion.

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9 Brunello Cucinelli, fashion designer

Founded 37 years ago, Brunello Cucinelli's eponymous company – which is based in Solemeo, a hilltop village in Umbria– produces some of the most beautiful menswear known to, well, man. Advocating comfort, softness and an easy approach to the Italian concept of sprezzatura, Cucinelli is the embodiment of his brand. Most often found wearing a navy cashmere blazer, a swiftly knotted tie with a button down Oxford and a pair of perfectly tapered charcoal trousers (which probably cost the same as a second hand car).

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10 Bryan Ferry, musician

A man with that most enviable of sartorial abilities – to make any outfit, not matter how formal or flamboyant, look raffish and unaffected - the Roxy Music front man embodies Hardy Amies' maxim that a man should "look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them". Whether it's a battered approach to black tie, somehow making tennis whites seem rock and roll or turning up at Buckingham Palace in a tailcoat and matching black and grey striped trews, he's a man to whom only one fashion rule seems to apply: be the best-dressed in any room, without seeming to try.