The sweet smell of recession-proof success

Aside from bailiffs and off licences, one other industry that is apparently revelling in these times of economic turmoil is confectionery - with sales at online sweet pushers A Quarter Of  up over 100 per cent on last year. Having just been reacquainted with some of the site's eye-watering 700 varieties, it makes sense why this might be a business on the up, offering as it does a winning combination of nostalgia, cheapness and sugar levels so high they should come with pancreatic insurance.

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Aside from the usual Black Jacks, cola bottles, the legendary Wham bar and those small foam banana-type things that look and smell so wrong but somehow taste so right, one surprise were the jellified pint pots and lager tops, that even come with an authentic - if a little worrying - hint of warm ale. From £1.93