The alternative guide to cleaning suede shoes

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There are lots of people we’d ask if we were seeking advice about how to clean suede shoes, but until we saw this video none of them were leading Jamaican reggae singers. Vybz Kartel’s hit tune ‘Clarks’ has already attracted lots of mainstream attention because of the apparent contrast between the reggae scene and the family-owned, West-Country-based shoe brand he eulogises, but his maintenance hints, 80 seconds into the video, have so far gone unheralded.

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It’s worth noting that Vybz’ affection for Clarks has a precedent  - the company’s Wallabees were enthusiastically taken up by hip-hoppers in the late Nineties and Wu Tang Clan rapper Ghostface Killah featured two-tone Wallabees on the cover of his 1996 solo album Ironman. However, he didn’t give tips on how to refresh the nap of the suede, which is what distinguishes Vybz Kartel as a true connoisseur.