Hanky panky

The West End goes West Country tonight to celebrate the premiere of mockumentary, Morris: A Life With Bells On, which opens in cinemas on 27 September. There's promise of hay bales and milk churns in Leicester Square, and yes, a live demonstration by wizened men with bells tied round their knees waving handkerchieves and clanking sticks like their scrumpy depends on it. 

From the above trailer, it looks a little bit The Full Monty, a little bit A Mighty Wind — come to think of it, it's amazing that the peculiarly English pastime of morris dancing hasn't been sent up before. Still we're pleased that the likes of Sir Derek Jacobi, Ian Hart and Greg Wise have seen fit to do the honours. Could it do for morris dancing what Strictly has done for ballroom?! There's a (frankly terrifying) thought.

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